How To Get 3D Architecture For Your Building

If you are building something, it is not very easy to communicate how you want the building to look like to a common man. Not everyone in Australia is well versed in reading a plan, it is mostly the job of engineers to draw a plan and convey it to others to build it accordingly.

Engineers usually have a floor plan, site plan, a top view and an elevation view. Apart from this nowadays people also use Computer Aided Design (CAD) designs also to draw some complex designs. These are done by engineers and architects. These are more technical in nature.

The best way to convert it into a form that anyone can understand and visualize is to hire a 3d rendering architect in Melbourne. There are various steps in the process of drawing the 3D model. Below are those steps

  1. Provide all required files and details to the architects. The files are the various plans and designs that have been done by the engineers, architects, and designers. Provide as many details as possible. Even work in progress site pictures would help.
  2. The 3D rendering architect then draws the 3D model. You need to review it and provide your corrections or approval. This may go for many rounds depending on the accuracy of the information you had provided at the start.
  3. The next step is for you to choose the colors, materials, interiors, and lighting. These are added to the particular chosen 3D viewpoint.
  4. Once you approve, the landscape, gardens, roads etc. are added to the 3D picture and your final 3D rendering is ready.

You can use these pictures in your marketing brochures or advertisements in newspapers to attract Australians who are interested in buying your house. The same can be done for other commercial buildings or any building for that matter.