Short Trips Or Long Trips, Koh Samui Is Always At Your Help

Koh Samui has all the elements of a must visit cosmopolitan tourism destination in your travel map. There is nothing as diverse as this island within a limited geography. The famous beaches of the island provide you with everything to make your vacation enjoyable to the highest level.

Important places to watch out for diversity: Our top five

  1. The Big Buddha and the pagodas

Travel back to the history and get mesmerized at the architectural creativity of the 12 meter-high golden statue of Lord Buddha and the numerous shrines and temples surrounding the statue. This Buddha temple and the statue has become the most famous iconic landmark of the island. Don’t forget to roam around the nearby shopping market and food stalls.

  1. Fisherman’s village at Bophut

The traditional village is located to the east side of the Bophut beach and gives you a glimpse of the Thai-Chinese atmosphere. Shoppers and food lovers will find this village a never-to-miss experience, for they can get a lot of unique souvenirs and delicacies here.

  1. Ang Thong archipelago and the National Marine Park

Boat trips take you to this part of the Gulf of Thailand which covers 42 islands. The Marine Park was established in 1980 and is blessed with diverse spots such as waterfalls, lakes, mangroves, white sand beaches, limestone mountains and so on the absolute best holiday accommodation in ko samui. You can explore the island by taking an Island tour and the surroundings offer day trips on speed boats and also trekking and sea sports such as kayaking.

  1. Koh Tao Island

The best hotspot for scuba-diving, it is also called as the ‘Turtle Island’ as it is a breeding ground for the green turtles. You can entertain yourself with numerous activities like hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling etc. Spend some quality time relaxing on the Sairee beach for a day or two by taking the help of Koh Samui villa rentals for your stay.

  1. Na Muang Waterfall

Witness the natural beauty of Koh Samui by trekking up to the two waterfalls cascading down to a natural pool. Take a refreshing dip and get immersed in the enthralling falls.

The Real Estate Market in Thailand

The current outlook in Thailand’s economy isn’t as positive as it once was. With the recent problems in Thailand and the fact that the new prime minister is going to be decided on by the military means that the property market is somewhat unstable.

However, Thailand is such a beautiful country and it still remains as popular as ever with tourists and ex-pats, which means real estate in the country should at least be relatively stable and not subject to too much volatility.

While the property market has been slowing somewhat, it’s not actually in decline. It’s only growing at a slower rate than in the past, so Thailand, especially koh samui remains a great place to buy real estate in. You can find the absolute best holiday accommodation in ko samui if you’re going to travel there to determine the current state of the economy yourself.

Thai developers remain extremely optimistic about the future of the property market in the country, and the major players are still investing heavily into property development, so we take that as a very positive sign. If the largest developers are still positive about the future, then we believe that’s a good enough indicator that Thailand is still a lucrative country for property.

There are a couple of changes to the building tax law in Thailand that you should be aware of too. The first is that there’s a change in how you go about a cost approach assessment and the second is that the tax is levied based on the land its self.

With the new way of doing things the tax is calculated from the appraisal of the property which is determined from the total price of the building and land prices, which are set by the government.…