Can A Landlord Charge For Plumbing Repairs?

Are you a tenant who is confused as to whether or not to do the plumbing repairs of your home by yourself? It is the sole responsibility of the property owner to carry out all repair and maintenance work of the rental property including plumbing, electrical, water, etc… This article, however, will focus on the plumbing repair and maintenance.  Read through the below points to learn in detail.

  1. Prior to a tenant moving into a new rental property, an agreement is signed between the landlord and the tenant called the rental lease and a fixed amount of money is paid towards the rent and security deposit. The lease clearly states that on paying the assured sum of money, the rental property is made available to the tenant in a decently liveable condition. This condition includes good plumbing work in the entire property, both inside and outside. Any violation in this law can be deemed as a legal violation of the lease and subject the landlord to carry out the required repair and maintenance works to the satisfaction of the tenant.
  2. Additionally, the tenant can also request the landlord to fix major plumbing works, which when left unattended may pose serious or fatal threats such as fungus or mold which can cause serious health issue or major leaks that can basically destroy the premises. Such conditions lead to the violations of the implied warranty of habitability, in which case the landlord must do the needful repair works. The tenant can withhold the rent or pay it to a third party until the damages have been resolved.
  3. The landlord can also be charged for neglecting repair and maintenance work. For example, despite several reminders on behalf of the tenant regarding a plumbing situation going worse, if the landlord does not heed to it, then he is responsible for paying for the repairs and all damages caused to the tenant due to the landlord’s negligence.
  4. Apart from repairs, it is the duty of the landlord to maintain the plumbing in the property. For example, the tenant finds a pipe broken, toilet not working or a block in the drain, for reasons unknown or not the responsibility of the tenant, the landlord must see to these and get the work done. The problem of blocked drains can be fixed by getting a simple drain unblocking Glasgow at a reasonably affordable price.
  5. However, any damages caused due to the tenant’s fault which leads to the damage of the landlord’s property, then in such cases the landlord can demand the tenant to pay up for the repair and loses.